Designed by the LINGUEO group, the LILATE (Live Language Test) is a 5-hour placement test to evaluate the level of an abiility of a student to use a foreign language to work.

The LILATE as a placement test
The LILATE is used to assess a person's level, often to evaluate the number of hours of a future training.

How to evaluate the skills of a candidate.

In this case, the LILATE test is done in 5 hours between the teacher and the student.

The categories to be evaluated are the following for each of the 5 courses:


They should be evaluated between A1 and C2 according to the CEFR table as for students between 0% and 100%.
You can find this table on this page:

If the test has specific evaluation criteria requested by the candidate's company/employer, we will send you a Google Docs evaluation form to fill out in addition to the report in your teacher account.
If we do not send you an additional form, you will only need to fill out the report in your teacher account.

These tests serve as a basis for companies or students to know if they will need to take more classes in the future. It is therefore very important to evaluate the real level of the candidate: do not be too nice or too mean. The result should not be debatable by another evaluator. If you have any doubt, please contact our team.

ATTENTION : no document is provided to the examiners for this test, they have to organize themselves to document themselves.

Learn more about the LILATE.
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