If you find that your schedule does not have enough bookings, here are some tips to follow :

1 - More courses with my students who are at the end of their training

Some of the students will complete their training soon, and some have already finished. Bear in mind that your students can continue taking lessons with you by using their CPF accounts. Indeed, in France, whether you are self-employed or employed, you have a government account with money that you can use for training with some companies like ours, that meet specific legal criterias and requirements.

We recommend that you talk to your students about this before they finish their training so that they can contact their Lingueo Representative : each student has one to help them manage the administrative side for registering. If they cannot find the name of said Representative, they can contact customer service at customer@lingueo.com.

2 - Improvements to my account

We also advise you to make changes to your Teacher account.

- Add availabilities in General Availabilities
- Ask your students and alumni to rate your performance from their client accounts to increase your Lingueo Score

During the year, at time we have a lot of students, at times it slows down. We do have students coming in all year long, that doesn't change.
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