Here are the steps

1 - Clients accounts and trainings are automatically put into place from the government website into ours

2 - When programming their lessons, they choose availability according to their own schedule (days and times of the week) that will set up a schedule on several weeks

How does our programming system choose the teacher it will program the lessons with ?

General availability of teachers (on what the student is searching for)
Teacher available the soonest on that availability
Does the student has another scheduled availability with a teacher
Does the student has already had lessons with a teacher on another training
Lingueo Score of Teachers (70% student reviews + 30% teacher absences)

3 - From the ones with top scores, the system randomises and selects one.

The lessons are then planned


Attention : once your are counted absent for a lesson, the system takes it onto concideration, no matter if we change it afterwards.
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